What is tooth extraction?

At Dr. Brumbaugh’s dental office, our first priority is to protect and repair your child’s natural smile. However, there may be circumstances when we may need to completely remove a tooth from its place in the jawbone. This treatment is called a tooth extraction and will only be suggested by our pediatric dentists if it is absolutely necessary to your child’s overall oral health.

Does my child need tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction may become necessary if:

  • A tooth becomes so damaged or decayed that it cannot be repaired
  • Decay poses a serious threat to healthy areas of the smile
  • The primary tooth poses a threat to the proper growth of the permanent teeth
  • The smile is overcrowded or severely crooked

If we suggest a tooth extraction, you can rest assured that we will move forward with gentle, compassionate care. We understand the impact losing a tooth can have on your child and how intimidating the process can seem. Our team is here to engage your child, help them feel comfortable, and make the future of their smile fun. If you would like to learn more about tooth extraction and how we take care of your child’s overall oral health and wellbeing, please call us today. We are eager to help you in any way we can.