What are stainless steel crowns?

At Dr. Brumbaugh’s dental office, we are in the business of saving smiles! When more extensive decay or trauma has occurred, damaging a significant portion of your child’s tooth structure, a stainless steel crown may be just what you need. Stainless steel crowns are a special type of dental crown generally recommended for children. Tooth-shaped caps, stainless steel crowns fit over your child’s tooth up to the gum line, restoring the tooth’s size, shape, and function.

What are the advantages of stainless steel crowns?

There are many reasons why our pediatric dentists favor stainless steel dental crowns for children. Stainless steel crowns are easier to place than other dental crowns, eliminating the need for longer appointments or preparation to your child’s tooth. The material used is also cheaper, making it more fitting for a dental crown that is designed to eventually fall off with the primary tooth as your child’s permanent smile grows in.

We are here to guide you through each step of the treatment process of getting stainless steel crowns. To learn more and to schedule your appointment, please give our dental office a call today. We look forward to improving your child’s overall oral health.