What is a pulpotomy?

In children, the inner portion of the tooth is important to the healthy growth of the entire smile. Located in this delicate area are the tooth nerves, root canal system, and dental pulp, which contain vital blood vessels and cells. Normally protected by the tooth enamel, the inside of the tooth can easily become infected if decay or extensive damage reaches it. When this occurs, our pediatric dentist may suggest a pulpotomy.

A pulpotomy is often referred to as a baby root canal or pulp therapy. It is similar to more extensive endodontic treatments for adults, but focuses on only removing infected dental pulp from the crown of the tooth. This is because the chamber of the crown in which the dental pulp is stored is much larger than in adults. To complete a pulpotomy, we will numb the tooth, gently open it up, and remove all decay before sealing it with a filling or dental crown.

Our caring dental team, led by Dr. Brumbaugh, is skilled in helping children feel comfortable during any treatment at our office. We are committed to help both our patients and their parents have an encouraging experience each time you visit us. For more information on what a pulpotomy is and how it can help your child’s smile, please give our dental office a call. We would love to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your appointment.