Understanding Dental Care for Adolescents

During adolescence, most if not all of your child’s permanent teeth will have grown in. At this point in time, our main goal is to help your pre-teen or teenager remain dedicated to good dental hygiene habits while protecting their smile in an ever-widening sphere of factors that can harm the smile. Adolescents have more control in their diets, their activities, and how much time they spend devoted to taking care of their smile.

For Dr. Brumbaugh our pediatric dentist, and our dental team, we work hard to continue building upon the foundation we created during childhood. We also welcome any new patients who perhaps have not had the opportunity for good dental care in their early years and are now facing challenges. We will work together with you and your family to determine your teenager’s specific dental needs and goals. Helping you find a general dentist who can help your teenager with more extensive treatments, such as wisdom teeth removal, braces, and replacing missing teeth, is also important to us.

If you have questions about understanding dental care for adolescents, please contact our dental office today. We look forward to keeping your child on the road to a healthy, long-lasting smile.